Did this for a competition the band Torture Division has on their facebook. ~

Jul 13th
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Jul 7th
Jun 15th
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Work in progress

Jun 15th
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I like being drunk.

Jun 13th
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This fall I’ll get to start my apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist! Looking forward to it so much! Have always been curious about the industry/business but never really had the opportunity, until now. I will also move from Småland in southern Sweden to my home area in the northern part. Have not lived near my parents or relatives in 3 years! (lives right now 127 mil from them. It is 789.14141 U.S. mile)

looking forward to it so much!

Jun 6th
Jun 5th
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Midnight doodle

Jun 4th

Silent Hill fanart, puh, finally finished!

May 20th
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Work in progresssss… Silent Hill fanart!

May 19th
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