Aug 5th
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Aug 1st

Recorded only the coloring part. But in the beginning you can also see pictures of the sketch and line work. Enjoy!

Sorry for my bad english… google helped me but, yeah, google sucks.

Jul 29th

Did this for a competition the band Torture Division has on their facebook. ~

Jul 13th
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Jul 7th
Jun 15th
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Work in progress

Jun 15th
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I like being drunk.

Jun 13th
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This fall I’ll get to start my apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist! Looking forward to it so much! Have always been curious about the industry/business but never really had the opportunity, until now. I will also move from Småland in southern Sweden to my home area in the northern part. Have not lived near my parents or relatives in 3 years! (lives right now 127 mil from them. It is 789.14141 U.S. mile)

looking forward to it so much!

Jun 6th
Jun 5th
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